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Our selection covers a variety of coffees - everything from traditional Italian espresso to third wave coffees. We represent the following brands, all picked carefully to fill our quality criteria and to contribute to a diverse portfolio of different types of blends.

Caffè Moak is an Italian coffee roastery, founded in 1967 in Modica, Sicily. Moak is one of our oldest partners, with a range of excellent espresso  and filter coffee.

Monteriva is a Swedish company, but the coffee is roasted in Italy, following the Italian roasting traditions. 

Puro belongs to Miko roastery, founded in 1801. Puro Coffee is dedicated to sustainable values, and all their products are Fairtrade certified.

Caffè Paskà is a traditional Napoletan coffee. It is strong and fullbodied and one of our most popular products.


ROST & Co. is a micro roastery located in Lauttasaari, Helsinki. The roastery focuses on top quality coffee and is very dedicated to a transparent production line.


Coffee Machines

We are proud of our selection of carefully picked machine suppliers, which we consider to be the best on the market. We want to provide our customers with tools and equipment that even the most busy cafes and restaurants can rely on. We offer a high quality range of espresso machines, filter brewers, boilers and grinders.

Thanks to our professional technicians, we make sure that the machines are installed properly, and we provide technical service for all machines in our selection.

Fetco produces filter brewers and boilers, which are excellent for bigger cafes.

La Marzocco is one of the most well known brands in the coffee industry. Their espresso machines are world famous for their durability, design and reliability.

Mazzer produces high quality espresso grinders. 

Bravilor Bonamat provides excellent filter brewers, which work well in smaller cafes or offices.


Althaus is a German-Russian company that specializes in tea for the HoReCa sector. The tea is of excellent quality, and the range covers different types of teas in different forms: loose tea as well as portioned. Althaus also has a stylish range of porcelain, which gives an exclusive feel to their high quality products.


Tools and equipment

Every coffee business also needs good barista tools, such as milk pitchers, tampers and cleaning equipment, in order to work properly and keep the machines clean. 

Cleaning equipment, barista tools.

Takeaway cups and brand related extras can be found in the brand specific brochures, here.

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