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Exchange and Return Policy

According to the Finnish Consumer Protection Laws, our customers are allowed the right to 14 days to exchange or return an order. This policy applies only to products that are still packaged, unopened, unused, and resalable.


When filing the return, be sure to include:
Customer number, your name, address, and phone number
Bank account information
A copy of the receipt from your original order

We will not accept any return requests older than 14 days from the delivery date. Once the request has been approved, the money will be returned straight into the customers account after the returns have been processed.


Logistics issues or defective products:
If a shipment is lost during the transportation, defective, or you are given the incorrect product, inform us directly at or via phone 09-2600221. This should be done within 14 days of receiving your order. If the shipment is damaged after being sent through Posti, a reclamation should be sent to Posti.


Kaffecentralen reserves the right to change the shipping agreements and prices. Prior to placing an order, customers should inform themselves on our delivery terms.

Oy Kaffecentralen Finland handles all customer information with confidentiality.

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