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Intrested in serving Moak filter coffee, espresso, or hot chocolate at your cafe or restaurant? Get in touch and we can help make  that happen.

MOAK | coffee

THE BEST COFFE TO COME OUT OF SICILY. Keywords: Espresso, filter coffee, hot chocolate, coffee tools & dishes, italian coffee

Caffè Moak is a roastery in the town of Modica, nestled along the southern tip of Sicily.

Moaks origins began in the garage of Giovanni Spadola in the medieval district of Modica. Nowadays, the company is still run by the same family, with Giovanni's son Alessandro Spadola as the CEO and Giovanni's daughter Annalisa Spadola as the marketing director.

Despite its traditional history, Moak is a modern company that is constantly evolving. The entire roastery and headquarters are powered by solar panels. The company's dedication to environmental management is also clear based on the ISO 14001 certification they have received.

Moak's coffee selection is high quality and with lots of variety. All the accessories created for the café environment, such as cups, aprons, takeaway mugs and sugars, were created around the modern-looking brand.

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