Webstore Terms & Conditions

Oy Kaffecentralen Finland handles all customer information with confidentiality.

Products on the webstore are sold by Oy Kaffecentralen Finland. These products are sold to customers of legal age in Finland. Product prices include VAT. We reserve the right to change our products prices and purchase costs.


Orders are processed online directly through our website at www.kaffecentralenshop.com, via the shopping cart. Company customers can place orders directly with our company sales department.


All online orders are confirmed with an email, that includes the price of the order, shipping costs, and the products ordered. In order to receive an order confirmation, you must provide an active email address when ordering. Customers automatically agree to our terms and conditions upon placing their order.

Confirmation email will include:
Reference Number
Our bank account
Final price of your bill


To verify the contents of your order after purchase, this information can be found on our site via your own user account.

Payment Options:
Products and their shipping costs are paid together during the ordering process. Orders on the webstore can be purchased using cards from the following banks: Nordea, Osuuspankki, Sampo, Tapiola, Aktia, Nooa, Paikallisosuuspankit, Säästöpankit, Handelsbanken, S-Pankki, ja Ålandsbanken. Card types accepted include Visa, Visa Electron, and MasterCard.


Payment can also be done with a Paytrail account, which is a valid form of payment in other webstores as well. More info can be found at http://support.paytrail.com/home. Purchases using paytrail will be forwarded directly to Paytrail Oy’s website. As a payment intermediary and payment service provider Paytrail Oy (2122839-7) works with the banks of Finland and crediting unions. Payments made with Visa, Visa Electron, or MasterCard will be have Paytrail Oy displayed as a payee on the card invoice and forwarded to the merchant. Paytrail Oy is a licensed payment institution.


Paytrail Oy, Y-tunnus: 2122839-7
Innova 2
Lutakonauikio 7
40100 Jyväskylä
Phone : 0207181830

SVEA Web Pay:

Svea Ekonomi Webpay (Svea) offers the possibility to take the payment as an invoice to be paid within 14 days of ordering.


Keep in mind the following when paying with Svea:

When selecting ‘invoice’ as a payment option, we will verify your credit information using your social security number.

Your order will be shipped to the address listed at the registrar office, linked to your online banking credentials, or to the address you have entered onto the order. The default interest is 7% + the reference rate in accordance with the Interest Act. Five euros will be charged in the case that a payment reminder is sent. Customers must be over 18 years in age.

Partial Payments:
Svea Ekonomi Webpay (Svea) offers the possibility to pay your order in partial payments.

After you have excepted the terms of credit and filled in your social security information, you are applicable to partial payments with your credit card. If payment is done using your online banking, shipments will be sent to the address you have given. In other cases, shipments are sent to the address listed at the registrar office.

Customers are given the ability to decide the partial payment timeline that suits their needs. All payments must be paid within this time frame, with the condition that at least the minimum agreed payment is paid each month. There is also the option to pay the remaining balance in full at one time, without any additional charges.

Two payment agreements will be sent to the customers given address, so that one remains with the customer and the other is signed and returned to Svea. A copy of the terms and conditions will also be included, and upon signing, the customer automatically agrees to these terms and conditions. If any questions or concerns come up about your payments, they can be directed to Svea customer help at 09 4242 3330 or asiakasinfo@svea.fi.


Mikäli maksut jäävät maksamatta, emmekä ole saaneet yhteydenottoa maksun hoitamisesta, siirrämme saatavat perittäviksi kuluttajansuojalain ehtojen mukaisesti. Lisätietoja ehdoista ja palvelusta saat asiakaspalvelustamme. Lue tarkemmat ehdot tästä. Tutustu etukäteen luottoehtoihin sekä vakiomuotoisiin eurooppalaisiin kuluttajaluottotietoihin edellä olevan linkin kautta. Tallenna ja/tai tulosta nämä ehdot itsellesi.


More information on online retailers and online shopping can be found on the Consumer Bureau’s webpage www.kuluttajavirasto.fi  or from our credit agreement with Svea Web Pay www.sveawebpay.fi/tiliehdot . Svea complies with the Personal Data Protection Act. More information on this can also be found on the Consumer Bureau’s webpage.

Mobile Banking:
Payments done using mobile banking are confirmed through Paytrail OYj (2122839-7) with cooperation from the Finnish Banking system and credit institutions. Payments will appear as normal webstore purchases for the user.


Delivery Policy:
Normal delivery time is within 2-5 working days after the order confirmation.


Delivery Methods and Costs:

For orders equalling less than 75 euros, an automatic shipping fee of 2.90 euros per order (Itella Economy Shipping) will be added and the customer will then be responsible for retrieving the order from Posti upon delivery. Alternatively, customers are offered the option to pay 16 euros (Itella Business Day 14) and the order will be delivered to the customers door within three business days. Customers may choose one of the two options during ordering.

Orders over 75 euros will be shipped free of charge using Itella-Economy, unless the customer chooses the Itella Business delivery option.

All orders will be delivered using letters, envelopes, or packages. Only packages can be tracked using the tracking number.


Exchange and Return Policy:
According to the Finnish Consumer Protection Laws, our customers are allowed the right to 14 days to exchange or return an order. This policy applies only to products that are still packaged, unopened, unused, and resalable.

When filing the return, be sure to include:
Customer number, your name, address, and phone number
Bank account information
A copy of the receipt from your original order

We will not accept any return requests older than 14 days from the delivery date. Once the request has been approved, the money will be returned straight into the customers account after the returns have been processed.


Logistics issues or defective products:
If a shipment is lost during the transportation, defective, or you are given the incorrect product, inform us directly at info@kaffecentralenshop.com or via phone 09-2600221. This should be done within 14 days of receiving your order. If the shipment is damaged after being sent through Posti, a reclamation should be sent to Posti.


Kaffecentralen reserves the right to change the shipping agreements and prices. Prior to placing an order, customers should inform themselves on our delivery terms.

Oy Kaffecentralen Finland handles all customer information with confidentiality.