Coffee Machine


020 7348325

Mon-Fri from 9-17

Kaffecentralens maintenance services are knowledgeable in specialty coffee, coffee machines, and everything that goes with them.


Our maintenance services will repair your machine competently and reliably. We have experience with all kinds of high quality coffee and tea machines, but the following list includes manufacturers with whom we’ve done the most work and can confidently offer spare parts for your machine:

  • La Marzocco

  • Marco

  • Mazzer

  • La Pavoni

  • La Nuova Era

  • Fetco

  • Bravilor Bonamat

  • Bunn


Three Maintenance Team Members

Our maintenance services are available from 9-17

Transparent Pricing

Ville Termonen

Head of Maintenance

+358 20 7348314,

Olli Anttonen
Maintenance Technician / Home Machine specialist
+358 20 7348318,

Santeri Andersson

Maintenance Technician

+358 20 7348326,