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High class machines and quality coffee don’t always guarantee a good final product. The biggest factor in creating excellent coffee comes down to one thing: the barista. This is because even the best coffee can be made to taste bad if you don’t know what you’re doing with it. It’s incredibly important that those working in the coffee industry learn to use their machines, but also learn what factors can influence the outcome of the coffee. With a bit of expertise from us, our customers can begin to create meaningful coffee moments for their customers, even in the busiest of moments.


We organize a variety of coffee trainings that range from a beginner’s course to a more intermediate level course. During our trainings we focus on developing the workers professional skills, maintaining a consistent quality level, decreasing waste, and inspiring baristas to continue their personal and workplace development even after the course ends. Through our training’s baristas, business owners, and customers ultimately learn to make coffee the proper way.

Our barista trainer is Ari Antikainen.

More info:
Ari Antikainen

puh. +358207348316

Barista Basics

This training will reveal the secrets of espresso, focusing on espresso and espresso-based drinks.  It’s suitable for beginners as well as for baristas who want to update their knowledge.


The training offers basic, useful information about espresso and espresso brewing in practice and it’s a great start for developing skills and routines for the own workplace. With this training it is possible to build uniform working habits for all employees.

4 hours

470 euros (+ VAT 24 %)

Ask for coffee customer discount

Groups of 6

Kaffecentralen Barista Training Facilities 

Särkiniementie 5 B 00210 HKI

Barista Basics
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