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La Marzocco Wally Milk


crush the rush with wally milk

Wally Milk is the easy way to steam milk. He’s an extra set of hands during busy café times. Simply place a filled pitcher of milk on Wally Milk’s tilt tray and he’ll get to work.

No measuring or special equipment required. Wally Milk automatically scans any matte finish jug adjusting steam quantity to milk volume.

Steamed to the finest consistency every time, baristas can pour elaborate latte art with ease. With Wally Milk, every pour is picture perfect. Whether you are serving one customer or one hundred, Wally Milk keeps up with your café’s demands.


small footprint, huge output

Space on bar is precious. Wally Milk increases your productivity without taking up extra space.

This automatic milk steamer acts as a third steam wand, tapping directly into your espresso machine’s steam boiler.

Busy or slow, Wally Milk handles milk steaming with minimal effort and training.

Easily swap between milk types with confidence. Wally Milk’s exclusive vortex steam tip ensures no milk ever enters the system. The Pro Touch steam wand makes cleaning a breeze. Your customers will get the highest quality milk foam, no matter what milk type they choose.

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