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Are you planning to open up a cafe?


We serve cafes of different sizes and types, from small entrepreneurs to coffee chains, across the country.

In addition to our wide and exclusive selection of coffee, tea and equipment, we offer barista trainings to all our coffee customers. 

Our staff is highly trained and we all have experience from working behind the counter, and thus we are eager to help and to provide solutions to make your everyday work as smooth and successful as possible.


Are you looking for coffee or tea for your restaurant? Our wide selection covers the needs of the most specific culinary requirements as well. We keep our portfolio diverse, in order to be able to fulfill the needs of every specific customer. 


Hotels have their own special needs when it comes to coffee and tea. For example during breakfast, it is important to maintain a high standard also on an international level. Our coffee and tea selection is very well suited for hotel breakfasts. We also have specific products such as portioned tea and instant coffee, which are nice to have in the hotel rooms.


For offices, we provide Jura automatic coffee machines, in addition to our manual machines from La Marzocco, Fetco and Bravilor Bonamat. Machine services from us include a professional logistics and maintenance team so ensure that installment is smooth and efficient.

"Kaffecentralen has always provided us first class products, as well as offered professional level training to our employees so that we can serve the best possible coffee. Even our customers have returned with high praise towards our knowledge in specialty coffee. It’s refreshing to also see that each and every worker at Kaffecentralen is equally motivated in doing their job well, whether it be someone from logistics, machine repairing, or the shop."

- Ari Sarmanto, General Manager,

Café Carusel


"We've been with Kaffecentralen since the first day we opened 6 years ago and we use no other vendor for our Espresso or our Espresso Machines.  Kaffecentralen has a loyal team you can trust that tailor their service to your specific needs.  We're incredibly grateful to partner with such a company and will continue to use their products and services for all of our locations!"

- Sharron Todd, omistaja,

Brooklyn Café & Bakery, Helsinki

"Our work with Kaffecentralen began in 2009 when we opened our first cafe. Since then their services have remained professional and flexible."

- Jens Hampf, Owner,

La Torrefazione

 "Working with Kaffecentralen has been very flexible and purposeful. Kaffecentralen offers a broad selection of coffees that fit all our different restaurant’s needs. Examples include Juuri Café&Bar cafés, Pihka restaurants, as well as our Juuri and Latva dinner establishments. Another example of our good partnership was the creation of our own Juuri coffee blend."


Maija Ahokas, Concept Manager

Roni Auvinen, Restaurant Operational Manager

Juuri Yhtiöt Oy

"At our small family owned business, we value good service, machines, and products. Kaffecentralen has ensured that our small boutique hotel restaurant has a good base for specialty coffee brewing and education. Coffee and it’s brewing methods have now become a very important part of our restaurant and hotel’s service culture. We are incredibly happy with the service and support we have received during these years and look forward to many more."

- Sanna Kuusiniemi, Hotel Manager, Ruka Peak

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