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All Puro products are Fair Trade certified. Along with their coffees, you can find their other coffee accessories from our store. These include cups, sugar packets, and take-away cups.

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SAVING THE RAINFOREST. Keywords: organic coffee, fair-trade coffee, espresso, filter coffee

Over 200 years ago, Leo Michielsen opened up a colonial goods store in Belgium, where he sold exotic spices, teas, peppers, and most importantly….coffee! After 100 years the store was closed, as Michielsen’s focus was turned to coffee and he had created Miko Roastery. The Michielsen family soon had a lot to do trying to keep up with the buying, blending, and selling of their carefully roasted coffees around the world. This fast success could be attributed to their roastery being so close to Antwerp harbour, where most of the world’s coffee is imported and exported through.

If we jump another 100 years into the future to the year 2005, we find the family at a turning point and ready for a big change. The family was worried. Not about their future generations and how they would run the company, but more so about how the work they were currently doing would impact the world when the future generations take over.

These worries became the birth of Puro and its commitment to preventing third world exploitation, guaranteeing a fair price for coffee farmers, and saving the rainforest and it’s species in coffee producing companies. Because changes begin at the root, the roastery began by covering it’s roofs with solar panels to rely on green energy. Today, the heat generated by the roasting process is also recovered and used to heat Miko's offices.

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