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MONTERIVA | c o f f e e

Key words: Coffee, Filter Coffee, Espresso, Italian Coffee, Coffee Beans, Ground Coffee

Monteriva is a Swedish company that got its start in 1994, with the goal to bring the Italian coffee traditions to Scandinavia. Kaffecentralen has been partnering with Monteriva for over 10 years now.

Monterivas coffee is roasted in Italy, to honor the traditional italian style of roasting. A large portion of this coffee is roasted by the Romagnoli family, whos roasting experience goes all the way back to 1925. The Romagnoli roastery can be found in Macerata, a small town in the Marche region. The remainder of Monteriva coffee is roasted in Brescia, a city located in Lombardia, Italy. 

"Espresso beans roasted to give an authentic experience of Italian coffee culture."

Monteriva's selection of filter coffees are also roasted in the city of Macerata. Monteriva Filtro Verde is a 100% arabica mid-roast coffee that comes pre-ground and surprises with its pleasant smoothness. With origins from Colombia, this coffee comes in packages of 100 x 110g or 40 x 360g.

Monteriva also offers a selection of additional coffee equiptment including cups, sugar, aprons, and take-away dishes.

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