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LA MARZOCCO | espressomachine

HANDMADE IN FLORENCE. Key words: Professional Espresso machines 


La Marzocco was founded in 1927 in Florence, Italy. In 1939, the company was the first to develop and patent an espresso machine with a horizontal boiler, which is now the industry standard. The company has a long tradition and a passion to constantly strive for constant reliability and quality.

La Marzocco equipment is professionally handcrafted and installed to the wishes of each customer and strict quality control ensures flawlessness.

As a company, La Marzocco is a pioneer in providing advanced technology to its customers and the industry as a whole, creating standards that others strive for. The appearance, ergonomics and programmability have been created with the needs of the baristas in mind, as well as to guarantee an enjoyable end result.

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